Main product image for Amico's Passive Evac WAGD Wall Outlet

Passive Evac WAGD Wall Outlet

Wall Outlets

The medical gas outlet shall be an Amico Alert-1 series. The Passive Outlets shall be manufactured with a 7-1/4" [184 mm] length type “K” 7/8" [22 mm] outside diameter, 3/4" nominal size copper inlet pipe stub, which is silver brazed to the outlet body. Suction inlets are not supplied with a secondary check valve. A pressure plug is provided for testing purposes, rated at 150 psi [1,034 kPa]. Outlets bodies shall be gas specific by indexing each gas service to a gas specific dual pin indexing arrangement on the respective identification module.

A large color coded front plate shall be used for ease of gas identification and aesthetic appeal. A one piece chromed fascia plate shall frame the outlet. With the back rough-in mounted, the outlet shall adjust from 3/8" to 1" [10 mm to 25 mm] variation in wall thickness. The outlet shall be of modular design and include a gas specific 16ga [1.6 mm] steel mounting plate designed to permit on-site ganging of multiple outlets, in any order, on 5" [127 mm] spacing. The Passive Front Latch-Valve Assembly is assembled with an aluminum adapter, which accommodates 19/33 mm hose. All M.R.I outlets are manufactured form nonferrous materials. All outlets shall be cleaned and degreased for medical service, factory assembled and tested.

Amico products comply with NFPA 99.

General Features

  • Flow rate exceeds the requirements of NFPA
  • 100% Pressure testing of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service
  • Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services
  • Up to 1" [25 mm] wall thickness adjustment
  • Outlets are also available for M.R.I use