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Serenity Series Surface Mounted Flatwall

Vertical Headwalls

The Serenity Series Surface Mounted Flatwall simplifies the organization of medical service equipment in an aesthetically appealing vertical headwall.

Removable Fascia

Regal Surface Removable Fascia

  • Easily add, change and maintain services in your headwall

Streamlined Installation

Regal Surface Streamlined Installation

  • Installed on top of the wall with services terminated above the ceiling line

Hard Piped Gases and EMT Conduit

Regal Surface EMT Conduit


General Specifications

The Serenity Series Surface Mounted Flatwall System shall be manufactured by Amico Corporation, in accordance with job specific shop drawings and documents. The following is a general specification, and components listed may not be present or required in final product. The Serenity Series Surface Mounted Flatwall System is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) in Canada and the United States of America. Amico Corporation manufactures all products in accordance with the CSA Z7396.1 standard, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), NFPA-99 (current edition), National Electric Code (NEC), and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

The Flatwall is Made Up of Several Components:

  • Vertical sections where the services are located. These components have optional vertical and/or horizontal rails systems and reveals as well as 3D wrap finished front panels attached. These sections are installed on the finished wall.
  • Cabinets for IT stations, patient lift station or glove storage components. These components are made of MDF with a 3D wrap finish. Please refer to approved submittal drawings for project specific details.

Submittals and Verifications

  • Job specific shop drawings shall be produced for each project. These shop drawings will clearly indicate the area of medical gas termination and electrical connection points inside the Flatwall system. As built drawings will be produced and included in operating and maintenance manual.
  • Amico Corporation will manufacture equipment as per signed approval drawings and verifications documents which are provided in the job specific submittal package.
  • Each vertical section has integrated electrical raceways and conduit, providing single point connection for all electrical power type (critical, normal and low voltage/communication).
  • All medical gas piping shall be hard-piped (no flexible gas hose) and brazed to a single point of connection.

Materials and Construction

Integrated Accessory Rails (Optional)

  • Numbers of integrated rails (horizontal and vertical) are to match final shop drawings. Accessory rails are clear etched anodized aluminum.


  • 3/8" MDF with 3D wrap finish (typical). All fascia panels shall be removable for access and easy installation or maintenance of Flatwall services using the spring clip system.

Medical Gas Outlets

  • Amico Corporation, DISS or quick connection type, console style. All medical gas piping shall be type L. hard piped and brazed per section. Med gas pipe will terminate above the ceiling line as indicated on the drawing

Electrical Wiring

  • Wire for standard and critical branch power circuits shall be #10 or #12 (as specified) type THHN stranded copper wire, 600 volt, with heat resistant thermoplastic insulation for hot (black) and neutral (white). Grounds shall be #10 THHN stranded copper wire (green). All ground conductors shall be installed in conduit.

Grounding and Bonding

  • All ground conductors shall be installed in conduit or raceway. Each power receptacle shall have a ground conductor connected to a grounding screw. Where electrical terminations are located inside the Serenity Series Flatwall, a grounding bus bar will be installed for each type of power, and shall be installed as to insure grounding for the complete power system.

Low Voltage Data Provisions

  • This shall be connected to a device junction box via conduit or raceway. Amico Corporation shall include a pull cord extending from junction box to service provision. Telephone nurse call patient station device shall be furnished, installed and wired by low voltage contractor.

Electrical Receptacles

  • This shall be Hospital Grade 15 or 20 amp, 120 or 277 volt, UL listed and marked hospital grade. Amico Corporation shall furnish and install receptacles with wiring required, as shown on submittal shop drawings. Electrical contractor shall insure compatibility of plug on accessory equipment to be used with these devices: Duplex receptacles shall be NEMA style 5-15R or 5-20R, in ivory color for use on normal power circuits, and in red color for use on critical branch power circuits.


  • Amico Corporation warrants its Architectural Products to be free from material defects and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the date of shipment.

General Features

  • Vertical headwall configuration ensures all services are at patient’s bedside
  • Increased equipment management with four integrated vertical accessory rails per headwall unit
  • Greater flexibility allowing services on all sides of the headwall unit
  • Vertical rails can be used for IT, monitor, cord and equipment management
  • Expandable to meet your future requirements

Recommended for all acuity levels including:

  • Emergency Department/Trauma
  • LDR
  • Transitional Step-Down
  • Patient Rooms
  • Special Procedure

Equipment Management

Custom Outlet Placement

Regal Surface Custom Outlet

Optional Valance

Easy to Clean

Regal Surface Easy to Clean