Main product image for Amico's Majestic Series Single Tier Recessed Headwall

Majestic Series Single Tier Recessed Headwall

Horizontal Headwalls

Our Majestic Series Single Tier Recessed Headwall is a horizontal headwall with a modern design that mounts flush with the wall. This two tier horizontal headwall is optimal for areas with limited space.

Pre-Studded or Framed

Majestic 1Tier Recessed Frame

  • Customized, pre-studded or framed installation to meet your project’s needs

Upgradeable for Future Needs

Majestic 1Tier Recessed Raceway

  • Integrated raceway system allows for future upgrades

Space Saving Installation

Majestic 1Tier Recessed Installation

  • Back-to-back on 6" studs available to simplify installation

Materials and Construction

  • Two horizontal accessory rails made of clear etched anodized aluminum and integrated into the removable front assembly.
  • Laminated fascia is composed of aluminum strips with high pressure laminate (HPL), color and pattern selection by customer
  • End caps are made of injection molded, ABS Fire Retardant plastic.
  • Amico medical gas outlets, DISS or quick connection type, console style.
  • Medical gas distribution shall be supplied by pipe drops to a single point connection above the unit. All Medical Gas Outlets and piping shall be brazed and tested in accordance with CSA Z7396.1-06 and NFPA 99c.
  • Wire for standard and critical branch power circuits shall be #10 or #12 type THHN stranded copper wire, 600 volt, with heat resistant thermoplastic insulation.
  • All ground conductors shall be installed in conduit. Each power receptacle shall have a ground conductor connected to a grounding screw. A grounding bus will be installed in each device barrier box at rough in locations, and shall be installed as to insure grounding for the complete power system.
  • Electrical receptacles shall be Hospital Grade 15 or 20 amp, 120 or 277 volt, UL listed and marked Hospital Grade. Simplex, duplex, and (optional) safety receptacles shall be NEMA style 5-15R or 5-20R. Optional locking receptacles shall be simplex type, 20 amp, 120 or 277 volt, color black, and be HUBBELL lock 23000 HG style, or equivalent.
  • Low voltage data provisions shall be connected to device junction box via conduit or raceway. Amico Corporation shall include pull cord extending from junction box to service provision.
  • Switching shall be Industrial Grade 120 or 277 volt, 15 or 20 amps. Switch type options include SPST, 3-Way or Momentary. Low Voltage Switching will be 0-12 volts, 15 amps unless otherwise noted. Amico Corporation shall furnish, preinstall and wire all switches.
  • Optional lighting can be provided by the Amico Skyline Overbed Light.

General Features

  • Customizable to meet your facility’s specific needs
  • Expandable to meet your future requirements
  • Available lengths range from 12" (305 mm) to 120" (3048 mm).
  • Each headwall system has integrated raceways and a single area connection for electrical wiring for each type of power (critical, normal and low voltage/communication).
  • All medical gas piping shall be hard-piped and brazed to a single point of connection.
  • Fascia panels shall be removable for access for easy installation and maintenance of headwall services.


Flexibility Meets Your Needs

  • Accessory rails can be used for IT, monitor, cord and equipment management to meet current needs and provide seamless upgrades for future technology

Slim Design

  • Recessed into the wall to reduce patient overhang and limit the impact on the room

Easy to Clean

  • Smooth rounded edges for infection control and durability
  • Rails recessed into frame of the unit to increase durability and make it easier to clean

Recommended for all acuity levels including:

  • NICU
  • Emergency Department/Trauma
  • LDR
  • PACU
  • Transitional Step-Down
  • Patient Rooms
  • Radiology
  • Special Procedure