Pressure Switch With Gauge (WAGD)

Pressure Switches With Gauges

  • WAGD pressure switch assembly for the medical gas alarm system shall incorporate a U.L. Listed single pole double throw snap-action micro switch. The pressure switch shall be prewired with color coded leads. Normally open or normally closed circuitry shall be field-selected to be compatible with the medical gas alarm system design. Electrical rating shall be 10 amperes at 120 volt AC.
  • The WAGD switch shall be tested up to 30" Hg with an adjustable range of 0.8" to 29" Hg, preset at 12" Hg for the alarm condition.
  • The switch enclosure shall be a Nema 4 water tight housing with mounting bracket, 1/4" FNPT bottom inlet gas service line connection, and 3/4" FNPT top inlet conduit.
  • A gauge shall be incorporated after the pressure switch. A gas specific DISS nut and nipple shall be attached to the bottom of the gauge.
  • The WAGD pressure switch assembly will then be mounted directly to a gas specific DISS demand check (provided by Amico) directly onto the pipeline. The demand check shall have a 1/4" Male NPT connection.

General Features

  • Instrument quality snap-action switch
  • Normally open or normally closed contacts
  • Nema 4 water-tight housing with mounting brackets
  • WAGD switches for normal 12" Hg systems
  • 2" gauge
  • DISS gas specific nut, nipple and demand check