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LCD Retro-Fit Ethernet Area Alarm

Retro-Fit Alarms

The Digital LCD Area Alarm system shall be an Amico Alert-4 series, complete with a five-year warranty.

The LCD alarm shall be microprocessor based with a 10" (25.4 cm) screen and capable of monitoring up to 8 sensors. Sensors shall be mounted locally (in the rough-in box) by installing the copper pipe provided or mounted remotely. Sensors will be automated for gas specific detection.

Each sensor unit is gas specific, with an error message display for an incorrect connection.

Each gas service shall be provided with a digital read-out comprising of 0-249 psi (0-1,717 kPa) for pressure and 0-30"Hg (-100-0 kPa) for vacuum. The digital read-out shall provide a constant indication of each gas being measured, indicating a green “NORMAL” and a red “HIGH” or “LOW” alarm condition.

If an alarm occurs, the green indicator will change to red and a continuous audible alarm will sound. Pushing the (mute button/push to test button) will cancel the audible alarm, but the unit will remain in the alarm condition until the problem is rectified.

The default set-points shall be +/- 20% variation from normal condition. In the calibration mode, High/Low set points shall be adjustable by Setup button and selecting set points with up and down buttons. To view the set points, press and hold the mute button for twenty (20) seconds.

The box shall be fabricated from 18 gauge (1.3 mm) steel with a 3/8" (9.53 mm) O.D. type “K” copper pipe for connection to the service line. The box mounting brackets shall be adjustable to accommodate for different wall thickness.

  • The LCD Alarm shall be capable of displaying an exact replica of the alarm on a computer screen via the facility's ethernet or internet. In addition, an exact image of the alarm can be displayed on a mobile device.
  • The LCD Alarm will update its status every second.
  • Self diagnostic and error message display for ease of maintenance.
  • Easy access via Amico Medgas App (Apple and Android).
  • Web Audio Enable: Web Audio will trigger when alert occurs via ethernet.
  • Unlimited records of history log to keep track of alert history for easy troubleshooting.

Capable of sending email or text messages when in fault condition. Email and text messages will also provide panel URL and location installed for easy access. By clicking URL, an exact image of the panel screen will display on mobile devices.

Amico Mobile Eco System App is available on the Apple App Store & Google Play to download. It will provide an exact and instant visual representation of the alarm conditions to eliminate the need for nurses to call maintenance personnel in the evert of a gas outage. The App will also help maintenance personnel to localize the outage for quicker resolution.

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Master App Display

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  • Email and Text notification
  • Easy access via Amico App, will have peace of mind knowing medical alarm always connected.



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