Riser Pipes

General Pipeline Accessories

Amico riser pipe assemblies are gas specific DISS fittings to the CGA V-5 standard and are available in most gas and suction configurations. Mishandling of installation is prevented by a one piece body design. Amico uses the industry standard type K copper pipe. Each Amico riser assembly is cleaned for oxygen service, leak tested and capped. All riser pipes are stamped and labeled with US or ISO gas color coded label. All pipes are 3/8" (9.97mm) ID and 1/2" (12.7mm) OD.


  • All pipes can be serviced by removing the demand check and replacing with a new one using a standard Allen key. O-rings can also be replaced once demand check has been removed. Cleaned for oxygen service.
  • Replacement o-rings or demand checks available upon request.
  • Save time and money without cutting pipe. Easy onsite replacement of the demand check, no need for re-certification.
  • Pipe assemblies may be used for other applications (check local and state codes in your region).