Main product image for Amico's Single Alarm Valve Combo Unit

Single Alarm Valve Combo Unit

With this product’s highly innovative 2 in 1 design, we have combined our first-class Area Alarm with our Single Valve Box, acommodating both in one space providing an aesthetically pleasant, affordable package. The ability to install sensors directly inside the Single Valve Box eliminates the need for prolonged, complex maintenance, as well as the search for absent sensors. Amico’s Single Valve Alarm Combination Unit is built to offer users years of proficient service. Previous concerns regarding convenience, space, maintenance and accessibility become uncertainties of the past, with the ground-breaking, Single Alarm Valve Combo Unit.

  • 2 in 1 design combines the Area Alarm and Zone Valve Box, to allow for space restrictions

  • True digital, illuminated LED display is readable even in poor lighting conditions

  • High/low alarm set-points are field adjustable for each gas service

  • Repeat alarm, adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes or off

  • Gas-specific sensor with DISS nut and nipple

  • Alarm buzzer in excess of 90 decibels

  • Each module marked with an approved medical gas identification label

  • Pre-mounted pull-out ring allows for ease of maintenance

  • Individual microprocessor for each display and sensor module digital sensor is mounted locally

  • Dry contacts for remote monitoring of the high and low alarm