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NFPA Duplex Desiccant Dryer Package

The duplex desiccant dryer package is designed to produce low dew point well below the requirements mandated by NFPA 99. It includes pre and after filters which remove 0.01µ size partials from the medical air stream. The module configuration minimizes installation close and maximizes the available floor space.

General Specifications

  • NFPA 99 compliant dual desiccant air dryers with an integral, demand based, purge saving control system.
  • Equipped with two pre-filters, two after-filters, two pressure regulator valves, one dew point monitor, one CO monitor and multiple system safety valves.
  • Completely pre-piped and pre-wired to single point service connections.
  • There shall be two identical banks of air treatment equipment, piped in parallel and provided with valves to bypass either filter set for element replacement, maintenance and repair work while still treating medical compressed air through the other set.
  • Each bank consists of three stages:
    • 1st stage: prime efficiency coalescer with filtered differential pressure gauge and electric solenoid auto drain valve.

    • 2nd stage: desiccant heatless air dryer equipped with purge control.

    • 3rd stage: prime efficiency particulate afterfilter with differential pressure gauge and manual drain.

Dew Point/CO Monitor

  • Control panel will provide continuous readout of CO and dew point readings at a single screen.
  • Control panel is provided with dry contacts for connection to remote annunciation.
  • Isolation valves for maintenance are included.
  • Dew point based purge control with field adjustable settings.

Desiccant Dryer Front View

  • Front View

Desiccant Dryer Front View

  • Side View