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Serenity Panel Wall

Seamless Headwalls

Amico’s Serenity Panel Walls offer you limitless design, increased infection control as well as adaptability for future modifications. The streamlined installation of our panel wall seamlessly integrates all of your services and equipment. Our custom designed headwall system features state-of-the-art aesthetics and ensures maximum clinical functionality. 

Streamlined Installation

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  • Pre-fabricated headwall is easy to install for both surface mounted and recessed versions
  • For recessed a headwall, back-to-back installation on 3-5/8" studs saves you time and money on installation cost

Hard Piped Gases and EMT Conduit

spec serenity conduit

  • For highest quality/durability

Serenity Panel Walls are recommended for all acuity levels including:

  • Emergency Department/Trauma
  • LDR
  • Transitional Step-Down
  • Patient Rooms
  • Special Procedure

Seamless Panels

  • Full vertical piece (top to bottom) is easy to install with no alignment issues.


Integrated Accessory Rails

  • For IT, monitor, cord and equipment management.
  • Ideal for current needs and future technology.


Optional Lighting

  • Resin panels with LED lighting.


Serenity Capabilities

Headwall Solutions