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Saturn Boom

iCE Series Booms

The iCE Series Saturn Boom is an individual console that is directly connected to the ceiling with either a fixed or rotating (340°) console. The iCE Series Saturn Boom can meet the needs of various areas of work such as critical care, trauma, operating room, and emergency department. The consoles are 100% customizable in size, colour, gases, outlets, and accessories depending on your unique clinical needs. The iCE Series Saturn Booms are available from 20-inch to 60-inch consoles.

Hinged Back Door

  • Provides easy access to all internal components for hassle-free maintenance

Electric Brake

  • Intuitive electric braking system with backup friction brake
  • Intuitive control handle for easy ergonomic use
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to maneuver

Infection Control

  • Top Cap and discrete cable management prevents dust and bacteria from collecting on the top surface of the console
  • Easy to clean round cover

Customizable Consoles

  • 100% customizable: including size, arm length, accessories, and the location of electrical and medical gas services
  • We recommend blank provisions to allow the addition of future services

Integrated Equipment Rails

  • Mount accessories in any of the eight integrated rails
  • All accessories are modular and easily moved on the custom Amico rail

Equipment Shelf

  • Modular design allows for optional drawers to mount perfectly under the shelf
  • Constructed of powder-coated aluminum
  • Carrying capacity of 150 lbs

Brake Options

Electric BrakeElectric Brake

  • This brake allows for easy movement of the entire boom system

Console Laminates

Console Laminates

  • Multiple colors available for console laminates



Equipment ShelfEquipment Shelf



IV PolesIV Poles



IT StationIT Station

Cord WrapCord Wrap