Main product image for Amico's Pressure Switch for Nitrogen/High & Low

Pressure Switch for Nitrogen/High & Low

Pressure Switches With Gauges

Pressure switch with gauge assembly for the medical gas alarm system shall incorporate a U.L. Listed single pole doublethrow snap-action switching element. Electrical connections are made through a 1/2” conduit connection to screw terminals on the switch. The switch may be wired normally open or normally closed. Electrical rating shall be 10 Ampere 120 volt AC.


  • Nitrogen/AIR/CO₂/N₂O/OXY reserve systems
  • Nitrogen/Air and Oxygen reserve systems
  • Instrument quality snap-action switch
  • Normally open or normally closed contacts
  • Nema-4 water-tight housing
  • 10-250 psi (adjustable range)
  • Factory cleaned and sealed for oxygen service