Main product image for Amico's Pressure Switch Gauge Assembly for Instrument Air

Pressure Switch Gauge Assembly for Instrument Air

Pressure Switches With Gauges

Pressure switch assembly with gauge for instrument air.

  • Pressure switch with gauge assembly for the medical gas alarm system shall incorporate a U.L. Listed single pole double throw snap-action switching element. Electrical connections are made through a 1/2” conduit connection to screw terminals on the switch. The switch may be wired normally open or normally closed. Electrical rating shall be 10 A. at 120 volt AC.

  • The pressure switch has a proof pressure of 1000 psi with an adjustable range of 10 to 230 psi decreasing pressure or 11 to 250 psi increasing pressure. Provide one switch for high pressure alarm signal and one switch for low pressure alarm signal.
  • The enclosure shall be a Nema 4 water tight housing with a 1/4" NPT gas service line connection on bottom and a 1/2" NPT conduit hub on top.

  • A gauge shall be incorporated after the pressure switch. A gas specific DISS nut and nipple shall be attached to the bottom of the gauge.
  • The Pressure Gauge Assembly will then be mounted directly to a gas specific DISS demand check (provided by Amico) directly onto the pipeline. The demand check shall have a 1/4" Male NPT connection.
  • The Pressure Switch is UL Listed and CSA Approved.

General Features

  • Typically used for clinical nitrogen systems
  • Instrument quality snap-action switch
  • Normally open or normally closed contacts
  • Nema 4 water-tight housing with mounting brackets
  • 10-250 psi range