Main product image for Amico's LightMaster Multifunctional Switch with Dimming

LightMaster Multifunctional Switch with Dimming

The Amico LightMaster multifunction switch with dimming functionality is designed to improve the day-to-day operation of your room lighting. With advancements in room lighting, Amico has made it easy to operate each function of single or multiple light fixtures with one intuitive keypad. Incorporated in a single gang space, this LightMaster keypad with dimming can control Reading, Ambient, Direct Light and Spot Lights that may be in the room. Featuring backlit buttons and LED indicators for five levels of dimming to clearly indicate the lights in use and their level of brightness. With infection control in mind, Amico uses a Mylar Overlay on each keypad for ease of cleaning. The Lightmaster keypad with dimming is also designed as a low voltage device to ensure the highest levels of safety are met.

  • Input Voltage: 120V / 27 V, 50/60Hz

  • Output Voltage: 120V / 277V, 50/60Hz

  • Maximum Load: 2.5 Amps Resistive, 1.8 Amps Ballast at 120 V

  • 0.975 Amps Resistive, 1.0 Amp Ballast at 277 V

  • Low Voltage Circuit: 5VDC, 200 mA

  • Operating Temperature: 32-176˚F / 0-80˚C

  • Master Control Dimensions: L 8" x W 2.6" x H 1.25"

  • Secondary Control Dimensions: L 4.5" x W 2.6" x H 1.25"

  • Keypad Dimensions: Single Gang

General Features

  • The LightMaster switching system with dimming comes complete with a master control unit and two keypads

  • The master control unit is a programmed interface device capable of individual controls of up to five circuit loads

  • Each keypad can control up to five light functions within one or multiple light fixtures

  • Ability to communicate between three keypads and a pillow speaker

  • Dimming capability to set lights at the desired level of brightness

  • Backlit icons indicate which light is in use

Key Features of the Keypad

  • Controls up to five light functions in the patient room

  • Backlit icons identify which light function is in use

  • Dimming indicator allows you to set the light at the desired level

  • Keypads are low voltage for patient safety

  • Compact design fits into a single gang opening

  • Mylar overlay for ease of cleaning and infection control

  • Compatible with all manufactured nurse call products

  • 5 year warranty

Key Features of the Master Controller

  • Capable of individual control of up to five circuit loads

  • Universal input voltage of 120V – 277V

  • Terminal blocks allow for ease of connection

  • Compact design fits inside most light fixtures

  • 0-10 dimming capability