Main product image for Amico's DCLC Power Supplies 12V, 24V and 36V Series

DCLC Power Supplies 12V, 24V and 36V Series

Solar Series - MRI

The Amico DC Lighting Controller (DCLC) is a modular multi-zone power supply system for LED lighting applications specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of an MRI scan room. A wide variety of power supply options allows the DCLC to fit any lighting application both from general workspace and directional lighting to custom cove lighting and Amico Image Ceiling® applications. The DCLC provides quiet, reliable power to anywhere in the health care facility. Multi-zone dimming is supported through either standard 0-10V wall box dimmers or optionally through Amico's mobile lighting application. Certified to meet MRI vendor EMI requirements. MRI applications require EMI free emissions for specific frequency bands. All outputs are linear DC and no pulse width modulation (PWM*).