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Hydraulic Patient Transfer Scale Stretcher

Care Series

The Amico Hydraulic Patient Transfer Scale Stretcher (S-AM1-3006) provides caregivers the control they need in the emergency environment. The stretcher features an integrated scale system, allowing caregivers to weigh patients. Additionally, the patient exit alarm function detects when a patient exits the stretcher and gives an audible alarm when that happens. The stretchers can be adjusted to various positions – raising, lowering, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg – by actuating the hydraulic pistons. The back section is adjustable through the use of gas springs and the knee gatch can be raised and lowered with a manual crank.

The stretcher is made of carbon steel and painted by an electrostatic spray (powder-coat). The base cover is made from injection molded ABS plastic and the locking siderails are made from a combination of steel, aluminum extrusion and plastic parts for increased durability and to facilitate easy cleaning. The back section includes an X-Ray-compatible board.

The stretcher comes complete with an IV pole, bumper wheels and actuator dust covers to protect the hydraulic actuators.

Key Features

  • Integrated scale system
  • Centrally controlled brake system
  • Collapsible siderails
  • Dual side foot pedals
  • Retractable fifth wheel steering system
  • X-Ray compatible backrest
  • Shock absorbing, non-marking bumpers
  • Foley bag holder
  • Ergonomic push handles
  • Storage area in base for oxygen E-cylinder tank
  • Permanent IV pole

Technical Specifications

Model Number

  • Model Number: S-AM1-3006

Overall Dimensions

  • Overall Length: 84.5" (214 cm)
  • Overall Width: 33" (84 cm)

Litter Positioning

  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 16°
  • Maximum Fowler Section Inclination: 80° ± 5
  • Maximum Knee Section Inclination: 35° ± 5

Height Range

  • Lowest: 22" (56 cm)
  • Highest: 34" (86 cm)

Surface Dimensions

  • Surface Width: 25" (64 cm)
  • Surface Length: 75" (191 cm)
  • Surface Thickness: 4" (10 cm)


  • Volts and Amps:
    • Domestic: 120 VAC - 4A
    • International: 220 VAC - 2.9A
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Weight Capacity & Caster Dimension

  • Maximum Weight Limit: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • Caster Diameter: 8" (20 cm)