Dual Connect Wall Outlet

Wall Outlets

Amico’s Dual Connect Outlet has been designed to provide more in less space. With two ports built into the front of the Amico outlets, we can provide double the services in half the space. Due to its unique and innovative design, flowmeters, vents and other secondary equipment can be connected as desired. DISS, Ohmeda and Chemetron connection types are all available in any combination.

General Features

  • Flow rate exceeds the requirements of NFPA and CSA
  • Accepts only gas specific adapters
  • Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services
  • Up to 1" (25 mm) wall thickness adjustment
  • 2 in 1 outlet design
  • Various combinations using Ohmeda, Chemetron and DISS connections
Spec Sheets
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ape_sp_dual_wall_outlet_nfpa.pdf 636.3 KB PDF Download
ape_sp_dual_wall_outlet_csa.pdf 552.7 KB PDF Download
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ape_instal_maint_dual_outlets.pdf 1.0 MB PDF Download

Wall Outlets

Ordering Guides
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Medical Gas Pipeline

Medical Gas Design Guide for NFPA
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