Simplex Manifold (Reserve Manifold)

Semi Automatic Manifolds

  • Rigid copper pigtails with check valves

  • 3000 psi working pressure

  • CGA adapter port for pressure switch installation

  • Wall mounted bracket included

  • Staggard type for maximizing wall space

  • High-pressure master isolation valve

  • High flow capacity regulator

  • Cleaned for oxygen service

  • Simplex Manifold complies with NFPA 99

Spec Sheets
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al_sp_med_gas_manifd_smplex.pdf 187.5 KB PDF Download
Filename Size Type
ape_dr_man_pip_simplx_rsrv.dwg 144.1 KB DWG Download
ape_dr_man_pip_simplx_rsrv.pdf 61.1 KB PDF Download


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ape_br_pipeline_brochure_lr.pdf 2.4 MB PDF Download

Medical Gas Pipeline

Medical Gas Design Guide for NFPA
Filename Size Type
ape_as_sp.pdf 734.6 KB PDF Download