Dome Loaded Manifold CSA - Analog

The Amico Dome Loaded Manifold has been designed to provide reliable and fully automatic uninterrupted gas flow regardless of the size of your facility. With the best flow rates in the industry, this manifold will provide years of hassle-free service. Dome Loading technology allows us to eliminate the shuttle valve and provides the ability to switch from the bank in use to the reserve bank without a fluctuation in flow pressure. This manifold, with analog gauges, will provide you years of service backed by the Amico 5 year warranty.

General Features

  • Fully automatic with dual line regulators

  • Input power 110 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ

  • Control panel incorporates six LED’s when illuminated it is noticeable even in poor lighting conditions

  • 3/4" [19 mm] isolation valve for supply line

  • Includes wall mounting bracket

  • Removable cabinet enclosure made easy for installation and service

  • Manifold complies with CSA

Dome-Loaded Manifold