Apollo MS-Scale

MedSurg Series

The Amico MedSurg Scale bed uses an innovative design and incorporates distinctive features to help caregivers provide a more meaningful level of care to patients. The Apollo MS-Scale bed features an integrated scale system, allowing caregivers to accurately weigh and set out-of-bed alarms for the patient. Research indicates the need for a more ergonomic design to prevent back injuries, a lower height for patient fall reduction and a series of one-handed operations for a bed. Amico has designed this bed with this research in mind, and we are proud to introduce a product that is built to the most current standards while also meeting clinicians’ needs. This scale bed can also be customized to match your existing or planned décor. The bed would be unique to your facility, with customizable options, inserts and logos.

The Amico MedSurg bed features a very reliable electrical system including silent DC Actuators and an OpenBus system. This capability allows our bed to be upgraded to incorporate desired features. The result is a MedSurg (MS) bed that is worry-free from an actuation, electrical and mechanical standpoint.

Overall Dimensions

Overall Length

  • Retracted 92" (234 cm)
  • Extended 96" (244 cm)

Overall Width

  • Siderails Up 42" (107 cm)
  • Siderails Down 40" (102 cm)

Patient Surface

  • Retracted 84" x 35" (213 cm x 89 cm)
  • Extended 88" x 35" (224 cm x 89 cm)

Height Range (to the surface of the Litter)

  • High 27" (69 cm)
  • Low 16" (41 cm)



  • Domestic 120 VAC
  • International 220 VAC

Ampere Rating

  • Domestic 4 A, 9.8 A with auxiliary outlet
  • International 220 VAC - 2.9 A

Current Leakage <300 μA
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Hospital Grade Plug Yes

Weight & Caster

Weight Capacity 550 lbs (250 kg)

Caster Diameter 5&#34; (13 cm)

Standard Features

  • Integrated Scale System
  • Two Restraining Strap Holders
  • Foley Bag Hook
  • Silent DC Actuators
  • 5" (13 cm) directional wheel casters
  • Central locking brake mechanism
  • Modular battery backup
  • Electronic lock-out controls on outer siderails and footboard
  • Auto-contour feature when fowler is raised
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • Patient controls on inner siderails
  • HBSW - compliant siderails
  • 550 lbs (250 kg) weight capacity
  • Metal litter deck
  • Integrated mattress retainer
  • Integrated bed extender
  • CPR release system
  • Four IV pole sockets
  • LED night light
  • Four integrated roller bumpers
  • Flat litter deck for compatibility with standard patient surfaces
  • Integrated air mattress pump holder on footboar

Optional Features

  • 30 degree Head of Bed Lockout
  • Brake Not Set Alarm
  • One-Button Chair Function
  • Pressure relief surfaces
  • Siderail communications which includes nurse call and room/reading lights
  • Removable IV pole
  • Patient handset for motion controls
  • 6" (15 cm) casters

Apollo MS with Scale - 360° & Hi-Lo