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Skyline Overbed Light Series

Skyline Series

Inspired by the aerodynamic shape of an airplane wing, the Amico Skyline Series Overbed Light offers a sleek and elegant design that meets the needs of both the patient and caregiver. Incorporating the latest technology, the Skyline Overbed Light is designed to provide high quality illumination while meeting the aesthetic requirements of the patient room. The Skyline Series Overbed Light is designed with seam-free surfaces and clean edges that eliminate dust traps and make cleaning easy. The overbed light also features a built-in bed receptacle interlock; optional, built-in low voltage controller or pillow speaker control and custom color options available to match room décor.


  • Made with hospital grade 6063-T5 lightweight extruded aluminium and matching heavy duty metallic die-cast end caps. Powder coated.

  • Width: 9 1/2" (241.3mm), Nominal

  • Length: 50 3/4" (1289.05mm)

  • Height: 3 1/2" (88.9mm)

  • Weight: 26 lbs (11.8kg)

Lamp Type and Configuration

  • The Skyline Light shall use T5HO Lamp types provided by others for the Reading, Ambient and Exam functions.

  • The Optional Night Light uses a LED lamp provided by Amico.

  • 1. Ambient Light: 1 X T5HO 39 Watt Lamp provided by others.

  • 2. Reading Light: 1 X T5HO 39 Watt Lamp provided by others.

  • 3. Exam Light: 1 X T5HO 54 Watt Lamp provided by others.

  • 4. Night Light: 1 X LED 5 Watt Lamp provided by Amico.


  • The fixture comes with built-in 120-277 Volt Universal Ballast with programmed start 120V-277V 50/60HZ Max 10% THD


  • Break resistant polycarbonate plastic that is heat resistant to high tolerances

  • Comes in a frosted finish and provides soft illumination and comfort while not reducing the light output of the lamps


  • The Skyline Series Light uses a Miro Reflector that provides a minimum total reflectivity of 94%

  • The reflector is made from high purity aluminum with specific photometric qualities to control light

Reading Light

Reading Light

  • (one down)

Examination Light

Exam Light

  • (one up / one down)

Ambient Light

Ambient Light

  • (one up)

Night Light

Night Light



    Bed-Stop Feature

    • Comes with a built-in bed stop function for added safety to the patient. Upon any movement of the light fixture from the mounting bracket, the bed stop feature temporarily shuts the power to the electrical outlet that the patient bed is plugged into