Main product image for Amico's Recessed Console Unit

Recessed Console Unit

Recessed Consoles

Wall-mounted console units are used by hospitals as a convenient way to access and display electrical and gas outlets. The aesthetic appearance of an anodized aluminum frame, coupled with the modular design of the outlets, allows hospital personnel to administer gases or to use secondary equipment with great ease.


  • The console unit shall be an Amico Alert-1 series.

  • The console unit has a removable front assembly for ease of mounting to the backbox.

  • The fascia front assembly is made from extruded, clear anodized aluminum with moulded plastic end caps, for a clean appearance. The backbox is made from galvanized steel, 0.060” thick.

  • The medical gas piping terminates as blank capped ends 5” (127 mm) above the console backbox.

  • All specified devices are factory installed in the console backbox. The electrical devices are separated, but they are not pre-wired.

  • NOTE: Exact dimensions are to be determined by the customer.

  • NOTE: A blank provision should be placed between Medical Gas Outlets and Vacuum Bottle Slide Holders and between 2 communication devices.

  • The Console is UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

  • Amico products comply with NFPA 99.

General Features

  • Removable front fascia for ease of maintenance and installation
  • Single cutout dimension for all accessories (outlets and electrical devices) are on a 2.5" (63.5 mm) centre
  • Fascia is anodized aluminum with moulded plastic end caps for a clean, aesthetic appearance