Wall Mounted Turret Valve 90 Degree
Wall Mounted Turret Valve 90 Degree

The Amico turret and valve combo shall be wall mounted for laboratory applications. It shall include a chrome plated turret with dual ball-valves that has a lever with a gas specific service index button.

The inlet shank shall be of a 3/8” NPT and the serrated hose nozzle shall be removable.

Maximum working pressure 75 psi.

The turret and valve combo shall be cleaned and bagged for oxygen service.

This assembly complies with North American safety standards.


General Features

  • Turret with dual ball valves
  • Chrome plated brass ball with Teflon seats
  • Removable serrated hose nozzle
  • Lever with gas specific service buttons
  • 3/8" NPT inlet shank assembled to turret

Model Numbers:



The "XXX" Defines the Gas:

Air = AIR

Ammonia = NH3

Acetylene = C2H2

Carbon Dioxide = CO2

Carbon Monoxide = CO

Butane = BUT

Compressed Air = CA

Natural Gas = GAS

Helium = HE

High Vacuum = HI VAC

Hydrogen = HYD

Low Vacuum = LOW VAC

Methane = CH4

Nitrogen = NIT

Oxygen = OXY

Propane = PRO

Vacuum = VAC


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