Triple Gas Block
Triple Gas Block

Gas Blocks

Amico Triple Gas Blocks are designed to accommodate gas-specific supply fittings that can be connected to a source outlet via a hose assembly. This provides an easy and effective solution for expanding the gas distribution system within the hospital environment by allowing the gas source to be redirected to more optimal locations.


General Features

  • A cost effective alternative to adding new medical gas outlets
  • Adds flexibility in moving your gas distribution closer to the patient
  • Eliminates wear-and-tear on gas outlets
  • Compatible with all medical gas outlets
  • Suited for all gases
  • Can be fitted into any equipment rail or mounting hardware
  • Single gas blocks and double gas blocks are also available for multiple servicing to patients
  • Various configurations available to meet specific requirements
  • Meets all healthcare regulations
  • Move a medical gas connection to any desired location.
  • Outlet Expansion
  • Add One More
  • Double Your Service

Gas Block Accessories

Hose Assemblies

Connects medical gas blocks to a source. Custom made to order.


Conveniently mounts your canister suction ring bracket.

Equipment Rails

Wide range of equipment rails designed to mount gas blocks for enhanced productivity and organization.

Canisters and Canister Holders

Disposable and reusable canisters available. Ring bracket and canister sold separately. 1200cc, 2000cc, and 3000cc size available.

Equipment Roll Stands

Used to mount gas blocks for added portability and versatility.

Flowmeters & Vacuum Regulators

Complete line of medical gas secondary equipment available.


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