Nurse Station

The 2 in 1 Digital Alarm system shall be an Amico Alert-2 Series, complete with a five-year warranty.
Our lightweight Chloe Critical Care carts combine a high-pressure laminate or thermofoil top, grab rail and accessory rails on which to mount baskets and other equipment...
The Retro-Fit process allows you to update and convert your old Medical Gas Equipment to new Amico equipment. This can be done without breaking the pipeline or cutting...
Tight on space? That doesn't mean you need to sacrifice comfort while you chart. Perfect for hallways, patient rooms, and areas with very limited space, the Condor is...
Counter Top MountsOur counter top mounts feature an internal raceway for cable management and a double-sided profile for any application. Standard height profiles are 8...
The Light-Duty Monitor Arm is an optimal solution for adjustable height mounting of LCD screens and flat panel monitors as well as keyboards. Screens can be mounted on...
Our SSM (Side-to-Side) Monitor Arms feature 180° side to side motion and the attached monitor shelf can be tilted based on your ergonomic preferences. Pivot arms also...


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