Reusable Two Piece Blood Pressure Cuffs
Reusable Two Piece Blood Pressure Cuffs

Two Piece Cuffs

Amico’s blood pressure cuffs and components are made with care and quality to ensure they exceed industry standard. Our cuffs are available in all sizes and color coded for quick and easy identification. Our countless connector options are sure to provide the blood pressure cuff configuration that suits your needs.

Full Range of Sizes

NIBP Compatible

Sphygmomanometer Compatible

Size & Color Options

Infant - Orange

Child - Green

Small Adult - Royal Blue

Adult - Navy Blue

Large Adult - Maroon

Thigh - Brown


Two tube bladder


Connector Type

Inflation Bulb & Valve

Male Threaded Screw

Female Locking Luer

Male Bayonet/Rectus

Male Quick Connect Subminiature

Female Quick Connect Subminiature


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