Retractable Electrical Receptacle Outlet Accessory
Retractable Electrical Receptacle

The Amico retractable electrical receptacle feature hospital grade twist lock plug, receptacle and are provided with chrome plated trim plate and anodized aluminum cover plate for aesthetic appearance.


Retractable Electrical Receptacle Specs



  • Electrical Twist Receptacle 2P3W, 20A 125V, Non-Nema, Phenolic, Back Wired, Black Hose Retractor The retractor wire is manufactured out of 48” stainless steel heavy duty cable (not MRI compatible). Twist Lock Plug 2P3W, 20A 125V, Non-Nema, Nylon Cover, Thermo set Interior, Black Twist Lock Connector Body 2P3W, 20A 125V, Non-Nema, Nylon cover, Thermo set Interior, Black Note: Cord clamp range for plug and connector is .300” to .650” (7.6 to 16.5) Cable is 12 AWG 3/C - 40C SOW 90°C - Synthetic Rubber Insulation Thermoset Jacket 90°C, 600 Volts

Model Numbers:


O-WAL-TWIST                             Electrical Twist Receptacle (HG) 20A Blk
O-TWIST-CBL-DUB-XX               Cable Assembly - Twist M*F - XX**
O-TWIST-CBL-SIM-XX               Cable Assembly - Twist M*F Simplex - XX**
S-HOSE-RET-HD                           Cable Retractor Heavy Duty
** The XX defines the length; 04 = 4', 05 = 5', 06 = 6', 08 = 8', 10 = 10', 12 = 12', 14 = 14', 16 = 16'
NOTE: Electrical/blanks can be ganged together with wall outlets.


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