Retractable Ceiling Column Outlet
Retractable Ceiling Column Outlet

Ceiling Column/Pendant Outlets

The Amico outlet continues to provide worry free and dependable service. Aesthetically pleasing in any patient room, this DISS or quick disconnect connection Amico gas outlet provides a full color fascia for easy gas identification during those “critical” moments. Amico’s outlets exceed flow rate requirements set by NFPA/CSA. All outlets are 100% cleaned and tested in order to ensure quality and are backed by our industry leading 5 year Warranty. We also have other configurations available to match your requirements.


Retractable Ceiling Column Outlet Specs


General Features

  • Flow rate exceeds the requirements of NFPA and CSA
  • Accepts DISS gas specific adapters
  • 100% Pressure testing of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service
  • Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services
  • Up to 3/4" (19 mm) mounting plate thickness adjustment
  • Universal rough-in assembly to accept Quick Disconnects or DISS Front Adapters (Can be interchanged at any time)
  • Outlets are also available for M.R.I. use
  • DISS back body connection

Model Numbers:


Example: Oxygen NFPA - DISS, Oxygen = O-DICRET-U-OXY 

NOTE: For ceiling applications, only DISS outlets are recommended



QD = Ohmeda Diamond compatible

CH = Chemetron compatible

PB = Puritan Bennett compatible

OX = Oxequip/Medstar compatible​


The “L” Defines the Language: 

U = English (NFPA) Oxy, Air, Vac and WAG only

E = English (CSA/ISO)

F = French (CSA/ISO)

S = Spanish (NFPA) 


The ”XXX” Defines the Gas:

Oxygen = OXY

Medical Air = AIR

Nitrous Oxide = N2O

*Nitrogen = NIT 

**Carbon Dioxide = CO2  

MedVac' = VAC

Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (NFPA) = WAG

System' (CSA) = AGS

*Instrument Air = INAIR 


* = Available only in DISS

** = Not avaialable in Puritan-Bennett

' Please see note above


  • English
  • Français