General Pipeline Accessories

The DISS Dust Cap is made from machined aluminum and black anodized for aesthetic appearance designed to eliminate dust and dirt build-up on the DISS connections while...
Safety relief pressure valve.
Retractable Electrical Receptacle Outlet Accessory
The Amico retractable electrical receptacle feature hospital grade twist lock plug, receptacle and are provided with chrome plated trim plate and anodized aluminum cover...
The Amico hose retractor can be attached directly to a ceiling outlet or directly to the ceiling.
Amico riser pipe assemblies are gas specific DISS fittings to the CGA V-5 standard and are available in most gas and suction configurations. Mishandling of installation...
The Amico outlet test plugs shall be used to connect the Nitrogen purge gas to a medical gas rough-in outlet during the installation process. The test plugs shall also...
The Amico Universal Remote Alarm Buzzer will provide the user with the ability to receive an audible alarm, and a visual alarm from a remote dry contact signal. If...