NFPA Lubricated Rotary Vane

NFPA Duplex RVL Horizontal Tank Mount
The duplex horizontal tank mount lubricated rotary vane pumps provide footprint reduction and enhance the overall serviceability by means of a compact design. Relative...
NFPA Duplex RVL Modular Stack Mount
The duplex modular stacking configuration minimizes installation cost and maximizes the availability of floor space. The duplex modular stack mount configuration...
NFPA Duplex RVL Vertical Tank Mount
Available for vacuums ranging between 1.5 – 10.1 HP, the vertical tank mount configuration minimizes installation costs and maximizes availability of floor space. The...
NFPA Triplex RVL Modular Stack Mount
The triplex modular stacking configuration consists of two vacuum pumps stacked on one side and one vacuum pump situated on the other side of the receiver tank. This...