Isolation Valves

Ball Valve with Extensions - 1/2
Ball Valve with Extensions and Dual Purge Port
Locking Device for Isolation Valve
Gauge for Valve Box and Isolation Valve

Zone Valve Boxes

Sensor Valve Combo Unit
Valve Alarm Combo Unit

With this product’s highly innovative 2 in 1 design, we have combined our first-class Area Alarm with our Valve Box, acommodating both in one space providing an aesthetically...
Multiple Zone Valve Box Assembly
Security Zone Valve Box

All pipe stub extensions shall be supplied with suitable plugs or caps to prevent contamination of the assembly prior to installation. Each valve shall be supplied with an id...

Check Valves

Medical Gas Check Valve with Extensions

The check valve is a three piece design, with a removable body for servicing without cutting or disassembling of lines.  Valves are provided with type-K copper extension...


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