Standard Overbed Tables
Standard Overbed Tables

Amico's Overbed Tables combine an attractive, ergonomic design with infection-resistant features. Our laminate thermofoil tops provide durability, and a seamless spill guard edge to reduce infection control issues. Manufactured with the lowest base in the industry, our Overbed Tables move easily under any hospital bed or recliner. With an integrated rail on all our Overbed Tables, accessories can be transferred from the headwall to the table for patient use. Our Dual/Flip Top Overbed Tables were designed by clinicians to provide an ergonomically friendly table that reduces infection control issues by minimizing areas in which dust and dirt can collect.

Secondary Surface

  • One handed activation
  • Nurse charting surface
  • Reduces infection control issues
  • No hidden spaces between surfaces for bacteria to collect

Cup Holders

  • Seamlessly integrated
  • Holds soda cans, water bottles, styrofoam cups and medication
  • Custom sizes available for hospital mugs

Seamless Spill Guard Edge

Vanity Drawer

  • Dual vanity drawer with mirror
  • Slides out from either side of the table

Urinal Hook

Integrated Accessory Rail

  • Integrated rail on both sides of the column
  • Same rails as those used on headwalls
  • Easy transfer of accessories: cord wraps, IV hooks and storage baskets

Storage Baskets

  • Ideal for garbage, urinals, or personal items
  • Can be removed and sterilized for cleaning
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Low Profile Base

  • Lowest profile on the market (1.75")
  • Fits under any patient bed
  • Compatible with: beds with the 5th wheel, battery packs, stretchers and patient room seating

Storage Options

  • Storage table, thermofoil top with vanity and 2 drawers
  • Storage table, thermofoil top with 2 shelves
  • Storage table, thermofoil top with 1 drawer and storage basket
  • Storage table, thermofoil top with vanity, 1 shelf and urinal hook

Single Top Tables Dimensions

  • Table Top: 17"x 32"
  • Height Adjustability: 28"-44" H
  • Base Height: 1.75" H

Dual/Flip Top Tables Dimensions

  • Table Top: 17" x 45"
  • Height Adjustability: 28"-44" H
  • Base Height: 1.75" H

Standard Finishes

Hard Rock Maple

(HM) WA 10776-60


(CL) T 421-CA

Medium Oak

(MO) WA 7919-78

Medium Cherry

(MC) FA 7008-58

Chocolate Pear

(CP) WA 7942-38

Main Table Top Options



Kidney Shape

Peanut Shape

Jelly Bean


Laminate Only


Thermofoil Finish Only

Flip Top Options

Flat Surface

Dual Cupholders

Thermofoil Only


Thermofoil Only

Storage Options

Shelf with two compartments

Overall Dimensions:
17" L x 10" W x 1.5" D

Shelf with one compartment

Overall Dimensions:
17" L x 10" W x 1.5" D

Storage Drawer

Overall Dimensions:
17" L x 10" W x 4" D

Standard Base Colors

Graphite Grey



Base Style

"H" Base

"U" Base

"C" Base

Additional Accessories

Vanity Drawer and Mirror

Storage Baskets

10" x 6" x 9"

Cord Wrap

Glove Box/Kleenex Holder

Chart Holder

Hand Sanitizier

Power Bar

Urinal Hook

Locking Casters

Overbed Table Features

Overbed Table Features

Over Bed Table Movie

Demo video showing the functionality of an over bed table


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