NCG Chemetron Retro-Fit Outlet
NCG Chemetron Retro-Fit Outlet

Retro-Fit Outlets

The Retro-Fit process allows you to update and convert your old Medical Gas Equipment to new Amico equipment. This can be done without breaking the pipeline or cutting into the existing wall. Amico’s Retro-Fits are designed to use the existing back body of the previous product. This allows you to maintain the original configuration while improving both the functionality and aesthetic appearance of the equipment.


NCG Chemetron Retro-Fit Outlet Specs



  • • Flow rate exceeds the requirements of NFPA and CSA • 100% Pressure testing of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service • Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services • Universal rough-in assembly to accept Quick Disconnect or DISS front adapters (Can be interchanged at any time)

Important Note

  • Due to unknown factors of the existing equipment, projects requiring Retro-Fit Conversions must be fully investigated by the installer. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine if the Retro-Fit will function correctly and if additional components are required. Amico is not responsible for any additional components required.

Model Numbers:


O-NCG-XX-L-X-W (Complete Conversion Kit)

The “XX” defines the Connection Type:

CH = Chemetron (Quick Disconnect)

DI = DISS (Diameter Index Safety System)

PB = Puritan Bennett (Quick Disconnect)

QD = Ohmeda (Quick Connect)


The “L” defines the Language:

U = English (NFPA) Oxy, Air, Vac and WAG only

E = English (CSA/ISO)


The “W” defines the Frame Width:

3 = 3.25"

5 = 5.0"


The “X” defines the Gas:

O = Oxygen

A = Medical Air

2 = Nitrous Oxide

N = Nitrogen*

C = Carbon Dioxide**

V = MedVac

W = Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (NFPA)

AG = Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System (CSA)


* Available in DISS connection type only

** Available in Ohmeda, Chemetron and DISS connection types only


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