Emergency Oxygen Inlet Station 2" (Surface Mount Low Pressure)

Surface Mount Emergency Oxygen Inlet Stations

General Features

  • Low pressure 2" female NPT connection for high flow
  • Lockable weather tight enclosure, for outside mounting
  • Gauge for display of supply pressure
  • Box can be mounted horizontally or vertically by changing front label
  • Box available in recessed or surface mounting
  • Bronze body check valves and brass body relief valves available for installation (must be ordered separately)
Spec Sheets
Filename Size Type
ape_sp_eois_surf_mnt_lp_2in.pdf 602.9 KB PDF Download
Filename Size Type
ape_oper_maint_instal_eois_lp_2inch.pdf 942.9 KB PDF Download
Revit Files
Filename Size Type
ape_dr_emerg_o2_inlet_stn2_srf_low.rvt 2.6 MB RVT Download


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ape_br_pipeline_brochure_lr.pdf 2.4 MB PDF Download

Medical Gas Pipeline

Medical Gas Design Guide for NFPA
Filename Size Type
ape_as_sp.pdf 734.6 KB PDF Download