Solar Series Exam Light 2x2

The 2 x 2 Exam LED Light is designed to provide you with optimal light that meets your general exam requirements. This Solar Series Exam Light provides full illumination over entire bed area and comes with up to two lighting functions. Exam function is standard, Chart Light is optional.


  • Flange and Grid - 20 gauge CRS; Surface - 18 gauge CRS.

  • One-piece seam welded construction.

  • Housing Flange: Flange and Grid - 18 gauge CRS, standard 4-piece construction, spot-welded to housing.

  • Ingress Barrier (IB Option): Mitered and welded corners, spot-welded to housing.

  • Housing Finish: White TGIC polyester powder coat - 5-stage pre-treament.

  • Salt spray test: 1,000 hours; Reflectance: 92%. Hospital grade material and finish

Inside Flanges

  • 18-gauge CRS; fastened to housing.

  • Black matte TGIC polyester powder coat - 5-stage pre-treatment.

  • Salt spray test: 1,000 hours.

Lens Frame

  • Supplied with IB option only.

  • Heavy-duty extruded marine grade aluminum with a clear satin anodized finish.

  • Lens frame secured to housing with continuous hinge (20 gauge SS) and Phillips-head stainless steel fasteners.

  • Closed cell silicone gasket seals lens frame to housing.

Lamp Shielding

  • Semi-specular aluminum louver.

  • Clear protective lamp shield securely fastened above louver.

  • Note: Clear lamp shield omitted when IB Option is specified.


  • Fluorescent electronic 120/277V ballasts high power factor (<10% THD).

  • 40-watt Biax lamps by others.

  • Chart light is field adjustable to either side of bed. One 3-watt LED 110V-265V provided.


  • Surface Mount: Four .312" diameter holes.

  • Grid Mount: Designed for 1" grid. Includes hardware to secure hanger wire.

  • Flange Mount: Mounting yoke brackets (standard); Fixture mounting hardware included.

  • Flange Mount - Install Frame (Accessory): Positively locates yoke brackets within ceiling opening; assures alignment of fixture.

  • No measuring for yoke required; no drywall backing required (included with frame assembly).


  • ETL Canada and United States


  • Optional Light: Chart light

  • Voltage: 120 V, 277 V

  • Clean white light is provided for general examinations

  • Optional Chart Light

  • Can be pre-positioned on either side of bed

  • Can double as a reading light for patient visitors