Lab Compact Automatic Gas Manifold - Single and Dual Line
Lab Compact Automatic Gas Manifold - Single and Dual Line

Automatic Manifolds

The Digital Medical Gas Manifold shall be an Amico Alert-2 series and shall provide expansion capabilities through the use of the optional Ethernet Interface. This manifold shall also include a five-year warranty which warrants a defectfree product.

General Features

  • Fully automatic self-contained shuttle-valve with no electrical power required for switching
  • Input power 110 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ
  • Microprocessor based control panel incorporates six LED’s and illuminated LED display readable even in poor lighting conditions
  • Units of measure switchable (psi/kPa/BAR)
  • Two limit switches for positive indication of bank in use
  • CGA gas specific header bar with integral check valves and cylinder pigtail assemblies (to be ordered separately)
  • Manifold complies with NFPA-99
  • Interface to Amico AIMS System
  • Available with stainless steel diaphragm regulators


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