NuLook Refresh Construction Free Headwalls

Installs in 4 hours without cutting pipe or breaking walls

Our NuLook Refresh headwall system gives you the ability to add and move any services (med gas, electrical, data, & more…) without breaking into the walls or cutting into pipes. NuLook Refresh also gives you the ability to change the look, functionality, and acuity of any hospital room while avoiding the length and cost of a traditional construction project.

Introducing NuLook

NuLook - Halifax Medical Center, Florida

NuLook Installation - Markham Stouffville Hospital

NuLook - Indiana Installation

Why Use NuLook?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No need to recertify
  • No cutting of pipe
  • No breaking into the existing wall
  • Fix leaking outlets
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Add equipment rails
  • Increase patient/caregiver satisfaction
  • Framing designed to accommodate existing wall conditions
  • Upgradeable system, will never be out of date

Step 1

  • First, we test the performance of your system

Step 3

NuLook Add Panels

  • Then we add the panels

Step 2

  • Next, we retro-fit your outlets and install the NuLook frame

Step 4

NuLook Complete

  • Finally, we complete the NuLook of your room... and it took less than 4 hours