NuLook Casework

Medical grade casework at/below standard millwork cost

Our NuLook Casework is custom designed and pre-fabricated to your requirements. Amico will meet your design while decreasing installation time and costs. Our Foot/Side Walls are the perfect match to our industry leading headwall systems.

NuLook Casework is constructed with medical grade substrates and hardware, using materials and finishes of your choice. It is third-party STC tested and 100% factory-manufactured quality.

Acuity Adaptable

  • Reconfigurable and remountable
  • Easy to change or upgrade
  • Serviceable

Easy to Clean

Casework Easy to Clean

  • Can use different cleansers
  • No overlap on sink or backsplash


  • Quality Materials
  • Docking system for carts

Serenity Patient Room Casework is recommended for all acuity levels including:

  • Emergency Department/Trauma
  • LDR
  • Transitional Step-Down
  • Patient Rooms
  • Special Procedure


  • Drawers close quietly
  • Self closing drawers

Infection Control Options

Sink Options

  • Seamless edges

  • Sloped front
  • Offset drain


Counter Options

  • Covered backsplash

  • Knife edge countertop


Installation of Demountable Casework

Headwall & Footwall Casework Patient Room