Patient Lift Pendant (PLP)

Amico's Patient Lift Pendant (PLP) may be easily integrated into our Spectra Series pendant system (Reverse and Standard configuration). Installed as a single structure, the revolutionary PLP increases real estate in the ceiling to allow for installation of additional medical equipment.

General Features

  • Direct power ensures the lift is always charged and ready for use.
  • Maintain ability to have a fully functional console on either side of the patient.
  • Install with a single structural support. Frees up space in the ceiling for exam/procedure lights.
  • Can hold up to 1000 lb person.
  • Can be integrated into our reverse arm or standard arm pendant system.

Equipment Planners, Architects and Contractors are Saying:

  • The single structure offers considerable savings in planning and installation.
  • No more worries about trying to avoid countless obstacles in the ceiling.
  • Gives a lot of flexibility to meet clinical demands.
  • May be upgraded with the Integrated Patient Lift feature in the future.

Clinical Staff are Saying:

  • Extremely easy to transfer a patient from bed to chair or stretcher.
  • Never have to return the lift to a charging station as it stays constantly charged.
  • Always within reach and more likely to be used (no more "out of sight, out of mind").
  • Flexibility of the system allows for effective transfers, patient positioning and turning.

Electric Brake Handle

  • No need to pipe in Instrument Air or Nitrogen to control brakes - unlike pneumatic brakes.
  • Intuitive control handle for easy ergonomic use.
  • Energy efficient.

Patient Lift Pendant (PLP) Movie

Spec Sheets
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Electric Brake Spec Sheet 903.5 KB PDF Download
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GoLift System Brochure 9.6 MB PDF Download

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