Gamma 60
Gamma 60

Procedure and Exam Light

Gamma 60 is a global leader in exam lighting and offers a high intensity of 60,000 Lux at 18". The luminaire features an optically advanced 50-watt IRC (infrared coated) halogen-xenon bulb, which provides a long 3000 hour bulb life and 3400K color temperature. It is ideal for medical examinations and minor surgical procedures.


General Features:

  • 73,000 lux (6800 fc) at 16" and 60,000 lux (5600 fc) at 18"
  • Optically advanced 50-watt IRC (infrared coated) halogen-xenon bulb
  • Optional color correction filter to achieve greater than 4000K is available
  • Articulated arms provide a 38" arm reach on most models
  • Gooseneck arms offer a 36" reach
  • Double wall construction in lighthead assures cool housing surface temperature
  • Includes wrap-around handle for easy positioning
  • A wide range of mounting options include: ceiling mount, floorstand, wall mount, and rail mount

Rail and Wall Mount

Ceiling Light

Floor Stand Light


  • Fitted With: one halogen lamp QR-CBC51 50 W
  • Luminous Power: 60,000 Lux / 18" (0.5m)
  • Arm Reach: articulated arms provide 38" arm reach
  • Work Equipment: Electronic Plug-In Transformer
  • Connected Load: 120V; 50/60 Hz
  • Mains Lead: approximately 118" (3m) cordset with hospital grade plug, approximately 47" (1.2m) coiled cord with hospital grade plug for single ceiling mounted light
  • Luminaire Body: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Power Consumption: Approx. 50 W
  • Usage: Rocker switch (I/0)
  • Technology: 2-pole primary
  • Weight (NET): approximately 3.3 lbs (1.5kg) for rail and wall mounted lights; approximately 19.8 lbs (9.0kg) for single ceiling mounted light; approximately 30.5 lbs (13.8kg) for floor stand light
  • Class Of Protection: II
  • Accessory: Color correction filter (ca. 4100 K)
  • Norms: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-41


  • Model Series: GA60
  • Arm: articulating arm, gooseneck arm, with extension
  • Mounting Options: rail mount, floorstand, wall mount, ceiling mount, table mount
  • Adapter (for Rail Mount only): horizontal, vertical, not applicable
  • Rail (for Rail Mount only): Amico rail, Fairfield rail, not applicable

Model Examples

  • L-GA60-AB-CX-X: Gamma 60, articulating arm, basic, single ceiling mount
  • L-GA60-EB-RH-A: Gamma 60, articulating arm with extension, basic, rail mount, horizontal, Amico
  • L-GA60-GB-RH-A: Gamma 60, gooseneck arm, basic, rail mount, horizontal, Amico
  • L-GA60-IB-RV-F: Gamma 60, gooseneck arm with extension, basic, rail mount, vertical, Fairfield


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