British Standard Outlet
British Standard Outlet

International Outlets

General Features

  • Flow rate exceeds the requirements of ISO 9170
  • Accepts only British Standard type gas specific Probes (quick connects) BS 5682:1998
  • 100% Pressure testing of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service
  • Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services
  • 360 degree swivel inlet pipe for easy installation (Console Mounted Terminal Unit only)

Model Numbers: (Flush Mounted)


O-FASC-BSQ-XXX (Front Latch Assembly) 

O-BSQ-REC-XXX  (Flush Mount Terminal Assembly)



Model Numbers: (Console Mounted )


O-FASC-BSQ-XXX  (Front Latch Assembly) ​

O-BSQ-CON-XXX ​  (Console Mount Terminal Assembly) ​




Model Numbers: (Surface Mounted)


O-FASC-BSQ-XXX   (Front Latch Assembly) ​

O-BSQ-SUR-XXX ​ ​  (Surface Mount Terminal Assembly) ​

The ”XXX” Defines the Gas:

Oxygen = OXY

Medical Air = AIR

Nitrous Oxide = N2O

Carbon Dioxide = CO2  

Vacuum = VAC 

Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System = AGS

Surgical Air = SAI


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