Ceiling Column Rigid LITE (Stationary)

Ceiling Columns

Amico Rigid LITE (Stationary) Ceiling Columns provide gas and electrical power to an operating room in one convenient and centralized location. Stationary ceiling columns increase management of overcrowded areas when supplying medical gas and electrical services.

The aesthetically pleasing stainless steel external panels are designed for easy cleaning. Up to 12 medical gas outlets and 12 receptacles can be used per column.

General Features

  • The Rigid-Lite ceiling column provides a modern efficient method of supplying gas and electrical services in surgery or special care areas
  • For use in anesthetizing locations, the gas outlets are bottom mounted. Units for specialized care areas have side mounted outlets to facilitate the use of secondary equipment
  • This compact ceiling suspended unit may be equipped with isolated power centers, grounding and electrical receptacles, I.V. hooks, computer and communication outlets

Model Numbers:

The Letter “E” Defines the Finish:​
E = Stainless Steel
P = Painted Stainless Steel

Nominal Column Height:
30 inches [762mm]     = 30
36 inches [914mm]     = 36
42 inches [1067mm]   = 42
Customer Order Information:
Amico requires a signed, approved copy of all specifications before fabrication can begin.  For further information please ask for our Approval & Installation Booklet (C-LITE-ENG).

Spec Sheets
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ac_sp_ceilng_colm_rigid_stationry_lite.pdf 258.0 KB PDF Download
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ac_instal_maint_rigid_stnry_lite_ceil_col.pdf 2.1 MB PDF Download
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ape_dr_ceiling_col_rigidlite_stn.rvt 3.4 MB RVT Download

Architectural Headwalls/NuLook

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Architectural Brochure 6.5 MB PDF Download