Plates and Peripherals
Plates and Peripherals

Patient Monitor Shelves

5" Shelf with 30° tilt limit
6" Drop on shelf
Philips IntelliVue shelf
Accessory add on top
5" Shelf for back mounts
5" Shelf with slide-in VESA 75/100 Plate
Welch Allyn Shelf
LCD Head
3" Shelf with 30° tilt limit

GE Healthcare

Flush 5" Shelf for Solar 8000i and Unnity Network ID box
8000i Stack Mount Post for LCD Monitor
Remote 8000 Keypad Bracket
Single Tram Rac 4 or 2 Hanger
Dual Tram Rac 4 or 2 Hanger
L Bracket for Tram RAC 4 or 2
L Bracket with Pole Clamp for PDM Module
L Bracket for PDM or PRN50 Digital Writer

General Plates and Peripherals

PDM Adapter Plate
VSM Adapter Plate

Philips Healthcare

Pole Clamp for Philips Speed Point Remote
Adapter for Philips Flexible Module Server (FMS) & Satellite Rack
Telemon Bracket
MP90 for Flat Panel Display, Remote Speedpoint and External Alert

Drager Medical

Power Supply Mount

Spacelabs Healthcare

Dual SL Command Module Hanger
Single SL Command Module Hanger
Plate for 2200, 2400, 2600
MCare Plate

Welch Allyn

Propaq Plate with Printer
Propaq Plate without Printer
Atlas Plate

Mindray Medical

VS 800 Plate
PM 7000X Plate
PM 8000X Plate
PM 9000X Plate
T7 Plate
T5 Plate
Datascope/Mindray Accutor Plus Plate
Datascope/Mindray Passport 2 Plate With Power Supply Mount

Vital Signs - Masimo, Cas, and Nellcor

Massimo Radical Plate
Nellcor 600 Plate
Cas 740 Plate


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