Ohmeda Compatible Compact Ceiling Column Outlet
Ohmeda Compatible Compact Ceiling Column Outlet

Ceiling Outlets

The Amico compact ceiling column outlet provides worry free and dependable service. Aesthetically pleasing in any patient room, this Ohmeda connection Amico gas outlet provides a full color fascia for easy gas identification during those critical moments. Amico’s compact ceiling column outlets exceed flow rate requirements set by NFPA. All compact ceiling column outlets are 100% cleaned and tested in order to ensure quality and are backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty. We also have other configurations available to match your requirements.


Ohmeda Compatible Compact Ceiling Column Outlet Specs


General Features

  • Flow rate exceeds the requirements of NFPA and CSA
  • Accepts only Ohmeda Diamond™ gas specific adapters
  • 100% pressure testing of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service
  • Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services
  • Up to 3/4" (19 mm) mounting plate thickness adjustment
  • Universal rough-in assembly to accept Quick Disconnects or DISS front adapters (can be interchanged at any time)

Model Numbers:


Example: Oxygen NFPA = OC-QDCCOL-U-OXY


The ”L” defines the Language:

U = English (NFPA)

E = English (CSA/ISO) for N2O, CO2


The ”XXX” defines the Gas:

Oxygen = OXY

Medical Air = AIR

Nitrous Oxide = N2O

Carbon Dioxide = CO2

MedVac = VAC

Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (NFPA) = WAG


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