Nema 4 Master Alarm
Nema 4 Master Alarm

Master Alarms

Amico’s Nema 4 Master Alarm is designed with quality and durability, in order to provide a long lasting product which can be used outdoors. With up to 20 functions available, numerous processes can be looked after and managed. The Nema 4 Master Alarm can be connected with your building management system to further ensure and maintain the control of your facility.


Nema 4 Master Alarm Specs


General Features:

  • Microprocessor based with an individual microprocessor on each module
  • Up to 20 functions in a standard confi guration
  • LED Alarm lights utilized for long life
  • Maintenance mode for ease of trouble shooting
  • Self diagnostic circuitry for added reliability
  • Modules can be upgraded in the field to interface to a building management system
  • Alarm buzzer in excess of 90 decibels
  • All modules to be mounted on a hinged frame for easy accessibility
  • Last alarm flashes, acknowledged alarm shows continuous RED signal
  • Repeat alarm is adjustable to 1, 12, 24 hours or off
  • Dry contacts for remote monitoring of high and low alarms and the distance between the master module and source equipment can be up to 10,000 ft. (3,000 m)

Model Numbers:


The Letters “XX” Define the Number of Functions:​ 

10 = 10 Functions

20 = 20 Functions


The “L” Defines the Language: 

E = English (CSA/ISO)

F = French (CSA/ISO)

S = Spanish


  • English
  • Français