Magna 9
Magna 9


Magna 9 features a distinctive, fully rotational 3-diopter magnifier lens for precise positioning. Three 9-Watt fluorescent bulbs provide two settings for adjusting the light output on this magnifier light to 18 or 27 watts.


General Features

  • Light output controlled with two way switch
  • Fully rotational, 3 diopter, magnifier lens for precise positioning
  • Two optional ADD-X lenses available for additional magnification of up to 15 diopters


  • Bulbs: 3 x 9W fluorescent
  • Arm: articulating arm
  • Options: basic, extension
  • Connected Load: 120V, 60Hz
  • Fitted With: Approx. 2 m cordset
  • Work Equipment: conventional ballast
  • Mains lead: approx. 9.8ft (3m); shock-proof plug
  • Luminaire Body: Plastic, light grey color
  • Tubular Sections Material: steel tube, light grey color
  • Surface: painted
  • Technology: multi-stage switchable
  • Usage: switch
  • Lamp Cover: screen, milky
  • Lens Dimensions: 162 x 105
  • Lens Diopters: 3
  • Fastening: table mount included for table mount, rail mount included for rail mounted, wall mount included for wall mounted, floor stand included for floor stand light
  • Rail (for Rail Mount only): Amico rail, Fairfield rail, not applicable
  • Weight (net): aproximately 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)
  • Class of Protection: I

Model Examples

  • L-MA09-AB-RV-F: Magna 9, articulating arm, basic, rail mount, vertical, Fairfield rail
  • L-MA09-AB-W: Magna 9, articulating arm, basic, wall mount
  • L-MA09-AE-F: Magna 9, articulating arm with extension, floorstand
  • L-MA09-AE-T: Magna 9, articulating arm with extension, table mount
  • NOTE: North American: 120V, International: 230 V


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