Lab C2 Manifold
Lab C2 Manifold

Semi-Automatic Gas Manifolds

The C2 Manifold is a perfect solution for low flow compact manifold applications. The manifold is specially designed to accommodate one cylinder for each bank. Extra cylinders can be added for each bank by connecting pigtails from the existing manifold to the header bars.

General Features

  • Operating and line regulators provided with relief valve
  • Pressure switch with dry contacts or a digital pressure sensor to indicate reserve in use
  • Check valves provided to prevent back flow from one bank to another
  • Maximum inlet pressure is 3,000 psi (20,685 kPa)
  • Maximum delivery pressure is 180 psi (1,242 kPa)
  • Wall brackets required when ordering header bars (to be ordered separately)
  • Optional 1/4" ball valve can be included for North American shipments

Specifications Available for Download

  • Please click on the blue "Specs" icon above to download a PDF of the complete spec sheet.



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