Five-Function Manual TTS Bed (AC175)
Five-Function Manual TTS Bed (AC175)

The design and distinctive features of the Amico Care Hospital Bed Collection bring efficiency to today’s medical and surgical environment. The Amico Care AC175 features  easily removable head and foot boards which provide Caregivers easy access in the event of an emergency. The head and foot boards feature an exclusive blend of polypropylene for uncomplicated cleanup and durability. The functions of the bed are controlled via four manual levers located at the center of the foot board.


Key Features

  • Manually adjustable head, foot, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functions
  • Stationary litter sections optional
  • Central brake mechanisms
  • 550 lb (250 kg) weight capacity
  • Latched system for attaching head and foot boards
  • Foley bag holder
  • Angle indicator
  • Mattress retainer
  • Latched Systems
  • Manual Cranks
  • Central Brake Mechanisms
  • Optional Stationary Deck
  • Tamperproof Screws

General Specifications

  • Overall Length: 88" (224 cm)
  • Overall Width: 42" (107 cm)
  • Patient Surface: 35" x 77" (89 cm x 196 cm)
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • Height Range (to the surface of the Litter): 20" - 29" (51 cm - 74 cm)
  • Caster Diameter: 5" (13 cm)


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