Committed to value and delivery, Amico Clinical Solutions is proud to offer customizable pendants, first-class customer service, and stringent quality testing to ensure only the best solutions are provided to you.

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Booms/ Pendants

Booms/ Pendants

Customize your console sizes, laminate colors, and integrated options for your pendant system. Can be easily upgraded to include a Patient Lift Pendant.



Fully customizable, multi-display carrier. Able to fit various monitor service consoles for flexible positioning to suit viewing requirements. Available in single and dual mounts.

OR Booms/Pendants

OR Booms/ Pendants

Incorporate equipment racks, surgical lights, and movable arms into the ideal workflow for your operating room.


Patient Lift Pendant (PLP)

Integrated into a pendant system, our Patient Lift Pendant allows you to safely reposition, turn, and transfer patients without any lifting.

VT Arms

VT Arms

A great solution for your monitor system, medical lights, and trays. Available in single, dual, triple, and quad configurations.


Equipment Transport System (ETS)

Permits easy transport of operative equipment by patients with minimal staff assistance.

iCE LED Surgical Lights

iCE LED Surgical Lighting System

LED Surgical lights with pure, white light and optimum illumination that minimizes shadows.


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