Compact Alarm Systems
Compact Alarm Systems

Area Alarms

Amico’s Compact Area Alarm allows the user to accommodate up to 12 gases in one alarm. This alarm is built with quality in mind, and will provide you with many years of exceptional service. Retro-fitting with Amico’s Compact Alarm will provide a simplistic upgrade to your existing system. The Compact has been engineered to provide you with flexibility in the number of gases needed in a smaller space.


Compact Alarm Systems Specs


General Features

  • Digital sensors can be mounted locally or remotely utilizing a #22 gauge stranded, shielded, twisted pair cable ONLY
  • True digital LED read-out with red "alarm", normal green trend indicator for each service
  • Illuminated LED display readable even in poor lighting conditions
  • Psi, kPa or BAR read-out (switch selected)
  • High/low alarm set-points are field adjustable for each gas service
  • Repeat alarm, adjustable 1 to 60 minutes or off
  • Gas specific sensor with DISS nut and nipple. Display module with an error message for incorrect sensor to display connection
  • Up to 12 gases in a standard configuration
  • Alarm buzzer in excess of 90 decibels
  • Individual microprocessor for each display and sensor module
  • All modules mounted on a hinged frame for easy accessibility
  • Dry contacts are used between master module and source equipment for remote monitoring of high and low alarms
  • Sensors housed in a solid, tamper-proof enclosure to act as a barrier against any interference
  • Gas specific sensor with DISS nut and nipple


Model Numbers:


The “R” Defines the Type: 

R = Remote/Local

C = Conversion (Retrofit)

The “X” Defines the Type of Gas: ​ 

O = Oxygen

A = Medical Air

V = Medical Vacuum

2 = Nitrous Oxide

N = Nitrogen

C = Carbon Dioxide



I = Instrument Air


The “L” Defines the Language: 

U = English (NFPA)

E = English (CSA)

F = French (CSA) 

S = Spanish (NFPA)



OAV (position 1 OXY, position 2 AIR, position 3 VAC)


1 module = A2DRU-X 2 gang back box

2 module = A2DRU-XX 3 gang back box

4 modules = A2DRU-XXXX 3 gang back box

2 module = A2DRU-XX 4 gang back box

4 modules = A2DRU-XXXX 4 gang back box

6 modules = A2DRU-XXXXXX 4 gang back box

8 modules = A2DRU-XXXXXXXX 5 gang back box

8 module = A2DRU-XXXXXXXX 7 gang back box

10 modules = A2DRU-XXXXXXXXXX 7 gang back box

12 module = A2DRU-XXXXXXXXXXXX 7 gang back box


Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 1 Gas A2DRU-X

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 2 Gas A2DRU-XX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 3 Gas A2DRU-XXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 4 Gas A2DRU-XXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 5 Gas A2DRU-XXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 6 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 7 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 8 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 9 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 10 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXXXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 11 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXXXXXXX

Compact Alarm (Remote/Local) - 12 Gas A2DRU-XXXXXXXXXXXX



  • English
  • Français
  • Español