Carts - Isolation
Carts - Isolation

Metal Carts



  • 46.25" H X 25" D X 32" W
  • Drawer Configuration: 1" x 3" H, 3" x 9" H, 30" Drawer Space

General Options

Surface Top with Spill Guard Edge. 3" or 5" Swivel Casters. Available in Steel or Aluminum. Custom Drawer Configurations. Choice of 14 colors.

Lock Options

Key-Lock, Push Button Lock, Electronic Lock, Break-away Lock, Proximity Reader Lock.

Optional Accessories

Twin Push Handles

Tubular Push Handle

Oxygen Tank Bracket

Single Glove Box Holder

Outlet Power Strip

Sharps Bracket

Waste Basket

Adjustable Side Storage Trays

Twin Shelving Unit

Coat Hanger

Wire Basket

Utility Hooks

Divider Units



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